Siri doesn't understand me.

Approximately 75 percent of the time, I utter a command and Siri says some variation of, "I'm sorry. I didn't catch that." At first I assumed it was me, but when I complained about it to a friend, he pointed out that voice translation is a very complex technology. So complex, in fact, that when someone invests in the full version of Dragon Dictate, eight to ten minutes of "training" are required to allow the software the chance to learn a user's particular vocal quirks.

So when I read about Google Translate's ability to instantly translate 64 languages, I was skeptical. We've all used online translation services before and had our multilingual colleagues tell us the translation is off by a mile. But when Google does something, it puts the full power of today's top technology into it, so Google Translate could be just the thing to solve all of business's problems today. No need to send documents out to some high-priced translation service. A couple of clicks and your document is translated.

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