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Study Connects Murder to Evolution

Humans are considered an evolved species, freed from the biological limitations of other species. Yet a small percentage of the population does eventually turn to murder, whether it’s for love, money, or due to some form of mental illness.

According to a new study, that small percentage may not be as abnormal as we think. A group of evolutionary biologists at the University of Granada studied more than four million murder records, noting the murderous tendencies of 1,024 mammalian species. The study actually found that humans are more murderous than other species.

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The human link to monkeys has already been established. But man and monkey may have something more in common. New research shows that both species tend to grow more selective with their friends as they get older.

While not all humans lose their “social butterfly” tendencies as they get older, many elderly people begin to gradually isolate themselves. They may prefer to spend the evening at home watching TV to going to a get together, for instance. Or they might remain connected to a small social circle of family and friends rather than straying outside of that comfort zone to meet new people.

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Mammals have hairs, birds have feathers, and reptiles have scales, with these features being unique to each species. Over the years, many have postulated that there may be a common link between these features that bonds all species together. Today, that link may be one step closer to being proven.

A team from both the University of Geneva and the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics seems to have found a common ancestor among all of these groups. After studying hairs, feathers, and scales of each species, the team found that there were commonalities in the molecular and micro-anatomical signatures between all three.

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