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Vending 3D-Printed Homes

Tokyo seems to love everything associated with manufacturing, robotics, engineering, and science.  And that deep devotion to all things tech-related has had an effect on how people relate to machines of all kinds -- especially anything having to do with automation.

As a report from Evolo notes, "The proliferation of vending machines in Tokyo is impossible to ignore. They are on nearly every block in Tokyo down alleyways, in front of convenience stores and almost in every neighborhood."

The proliferation of vending machines has resulted in the elimination of sales clerks. So, could a giant vending machine potentially do away with the need to deal with home sales staff?

That's one of the ideas behind the Pod Vending Machine, which would dispense housing units on demand and continue to grow skyward as the city's housing demands increase.

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Someday when another mission goes bad, the fictional Agent Maxwell Smart might try explaining to his boss, "Would you believe -- giant pollution-removing jellyfish, Chief?"

Just as fans of the TV series and feature film "Get Smart" can appreciate that their bumbling hero was telling the truth each time he copped a plea, tech watchers might also want to dial down their disbelief when it comes to the eVolo Skyscraper Competition, which claims the jellyfish cleaning system as a 2013 entrant.

Sponsored by architecture and design journal eVolo, which covers "technological advances, sustainability, and innovative design for the 21st Century," the competition encourages and recognizes projects that push the envelope for vertical living. Or, in plain English, the contest focuses on really cool ideas for tall buildings and the spaces around and above them.

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