The benefits of meditation have been well documented. However, setting a half an hour a day or more aside for sitting still can seem daunting to those who are busy. Fortunately, a new study reveals that 10 minutes per day may be all you need to improve your cognitive function.

Published in Scientific Reports, the study revealed that those 10 minutes improved the brain’s efficiency, making it easier for a person to accomplish tasks like concentration and information retention. In order to prove its thesis, the study also debunked information from previous meditation studies

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For years, studies have attempted to capture proof of the theory that women are better at multi-tasking than men. A 2011 study found women engage in multi-tasking more often than men. But other attempts at proving which gender is better have been inconclusive. Recent studies have even concluded that when someone multi-tasks, the quality of each task is actually reduced.

The latest study that attempts to resolve this war of the sexes was conducted by British researchers. Psychologists at three separate universities studied 120 members of each gender as they played a video game. While performing two tasks individually, men and female clocked similar times and levels of accuracy. However, when researchers had the groups perform the tasks simultaneously, women displayed better accuracy and a quicker response time. Female participants saw their speed decline by only 61 percent while male participants were 77 percent slower.

Published in Our Blog
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