Facial recognition technology stands to revolutionize the security industry, matching known criminals with their stored images. But this technology is already in use in China, and it’s leading to ethical questions.

Wearing sunglasses that facilitate the technology, police officers were able to conduct a sting at a busy train station in Zhengzhou. During the operation, they identified seven criminals and arrested them, confirming that their crimes ranged from hit-and-runs to human trafficking charges. An additional 26 people were caught using fake IDs using the sunglasses.

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Thursday, 09 May 2013 00:00

iPhone app turned biometric scanner

If the Pentagon wants your product, it’s likely going to do well. Recently, the Pentagon purchased California-based start-up AOptix “Smart Mobile Identity System” for soldiers to do facial recognition from their Smartphone, which came at a pretty $3 million penny. This biometric scanner machine is taking the meaning behind “advanced phone technology” to a different level.

Published in Our Blog
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