It's enough of a challenge to contemplate what life will be like once everyone is forced in one way or another to interact with robots. Devices currently on the market have gradually begun sounding more like actual humans. And since part of the idea of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is to be able to anticipate a person's needs and choices, while also adjusting to changes in plans, it's a safe bet that robots will soon sound so human-like -- because who really wants to hold a conversation with a machine? -- that it might be difficult to tell robots and humans apart.

Enter the special earpiece, a prototype device, somewhat resembling a behind-the-ear hearing aid, that can sense synthesized voice patterns and then, via a thermoelectric plate, send a chilly shiver down the wearer's backbone.

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Friday, 09 December 2016 00:00

Removing Fears by Rewarding Them

A team of neuroscientists at the University of Cambridge have discovered a method for eliminating certain fears from the brain by using a mixture of brain scanning technology and artificial intelligence.

One of the authors of the study explains a technique known as Decoded Neurofeedback, which identifies specific fears and then "overwrites" them by giving test subjects a modest reward:

"When we induced a mild fear memory in the brain, we were able to develop a fast and accurate method of reading it by using AI algorithms. The challenge then was to find a way to reduce or remove the fear memory, without ever consciously evoking it. 

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Sci-fi writers love to speculate on a future filled with tech innovations, many of which we haven’t yet imagined. But a group of scientists recently offered their predictions for how artificial intelligence (A.I.) will shape our lives by the year 2030.

The panel was made up of great minds from several institutions, all invited by Stanford University to discuss the future of A.I. While A.I. is already a small part of everyday life, the experts feel that it will become increasingly more important in many facets of day-to-day living. As a result, the population will enjoy an improved economy and quality of life.

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