One of the biggest challenges with solar power is that it requires actual sunlight to reach peak efficiency. But a team of German scientists may have discovered a way to artificially create sunlight for the purposes of generating fuel.

The experiment involved 149 spotlights that combined to simulate the light produced by the sun. The lights were the type used in movie theaters. The team focused on a small spot within the lit area, measuring only 8 X 8 inches. The end result was the generation of 10,000 times the solar radiation that would be achieved by natural sunlight in the same area.

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The search for the best alternative fuel source is ongoing, as industries and consumers try to conserve resources while still having the conveniences we enjoy today. One of those alternatives is hydropower, which generates 16.6 percent of the world’s electricity. Over the next few years, hydropower use is expected to continue to grow.

However, a recent study into hydropower suggests the energy source might not be as efficient as previously thought. An international team of researchers studied reviews of hundreds of water reservoirs from across the globe, totaling 267 reservoirs that covered 30,000 square miles.

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It seems every other week, someone has come up with the antithesis for global warming. Alternative biofuels seem to come in every form imaginable, from the air around us to the rain that falls from the sky. 

But a team from Berkeley may have uncovered a way to harness carbon dioxide for the manufacture of plastics, drugs, and biofuel. Through artificial photosynthesis, the team has created a hybrid system that successfully mimics the natural process of photosynthesis. The system uses a series of semiconducting nanowires and a bacteria called Sporomusa ovate, a bacteria with the ability to catalyze carbon dioxide.

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