One of the biggest challenges with solar power is that it requires actual sunlight to reach peak efficiency. But a team of German scientists may have discovered a way to artificially create sunlight for the purposes of generating fuel.

The experiment involved 149 spotlights that combined to simulate the light produced by the sun. The lights were the type used in movie theaters. The team focused on a small spot within the lit area, measuring only 8 X 8 inches. The end result was the generation of 10,000 times the solar radiation that would be achieved by natural sunlight in the same area.

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Green developments have been all the rage in the scientific community in recent years, but scientists have come up with an alternative to streetlights that takes "green" to an all new level. San Francisco-based researchers have been able to illuminate plants by combining luminescent marine bacteria and re-engineered plant DNA. Using this technology, the researchers believe a plant of any size could be engineered to glow without the use of electricity.

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