Tuesday, 09 October 2018 00:00

Air Warfare at a Glance

The folks at BAE Systems have come up with a new system for controlling fighter jets that relies on eye movements.

In a company press release, Lead Technologist Jean Page explains, “In terms of future concepts, we are looking at what we are calling a ‘wearable cockpit’. Here, you remove many of the physical elements of the cockpit, and replace it with a virtual display, projected through the helmet. Essentially, it’s a software-only cockpit that’s upgradeable, adaptable and reconfigurable.”

Because fighter pilots increasingly require faster, near-instant access to data and information, Page argues, it only makes sense to make management of those processes as easy as possible. Eye tracking provides pilots with the choice of locking onto a control device by sight and then deciding to activate it -- as opposed to having to navigate a collection of physical buttons and/or switches.

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