Taking a flight means first getting from your home to the airport, either by car, train, or bus, then walking into the airport, where you have yet another wait to board the plane. But a new invention out of Switzerland could provide passengers a seamless travel experience, taking them from home to their destination without having to change vehicles at all.

The concept is called Clip-Air, and it can best be compared to a shipping container. Clip-Air is a capsule that can be attached to a single flying wing, which can carry multiple capsules in one flight. Clip-Air can also be used to transport cargo, expanding the possibilities for aircraft design.

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Saturday, 14 September 2013 00:00

Tech Innovations Re-Inventing Airport Security

Can machines help to prevent terrorist attacks in airports and on planes? And can those systems operate without compromising privacy and freedom? If not, have the terrorists already won?

One report says that several tech innovations could radically change the landscape of airport security:

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