Some believe that UFOs regularly light up the night sky, with videos often surfacing on sites like YouTube to support that theory. But another segment of the population is doubtful, considering such reports nothing more than strange theories.

However, a new video appearing on YouTube purports to show a crashed UFO on Mars, saying it was dented and banged up, but visible nonetheless. True to conspiracy theories surrounding UFOs, the video claims our government knows about the crashed craft and is covering it up.

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As far as Earthlings know, Mars is an empty planet, with a surface covered in rocks. But conspiracy theorists consistently see signs of life on the planet, having spotted everything from mermaids to jelly doughnuts on the planet.

The most recent sighting was a spaceship they believe crash-landed on Mars. The ship was only eight-feet long, leading conspiracy theorists to believe it wouldn’t have been able to carry many aliens. However, they point out that extraterrestrial beings are small in stature, which means more of them might be able to fit on one ship.

The ship has been compared in appearance to Star Wars’ Imperial Star Destroyer. Earlier this year, people claimed to have spotted a ghost in photographs of Mars, a change from when the object was first spotted and people thought it was an extremely large crab.

Published in Our Blog
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