As scientists continue to explore the possibility that water once existed on Mars, new evidence suggests that an asteroid strike may have once caused tsunamis on the red planet. For tsunamis to have taken place, water must have been present, so if this theory plays out, it could further the thinking that bodies of water once existed on the planet.

The research centers on a spot called the “Lomonosov crater,” long connected to debris having slid over the spot during a geographical shift. However, new thinking presents the theory that the crater was created by the impact of the asteroid hitting the planet, causing 150-mile waves.

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Friday, 07 February 2014 00:00

Tsunami House Designed to Weather Disaster

Variations on several time-tested themes combine with some newer ideas in this weather-defying house located on a flood-sensitive area of Camano Island, Washington. The overall goal? Survive practically any natural disaster, whether a windstorm or massive rainfall or tsunami.

There would be limits to the size of a tidal wave that could be withstood, of course, given that the two-story house, with a loft, sits at the water's edge on top of pilings just five feet high. Not many residential structures could survive a direct hit that eclipsed the total building height. Still, the Tsunami House, the brainchild of Designs Northwest Architects, comes with features that stand to give the structure a fighting chance at survival.

In addition to the pilings, the ground floor makes use of break-away walls that could snap loose in the event of a runaway wave. Because the ground floor "flood room" is a multi-use space, connected to the main living area by a steep steel staircase, the upper regions of the house would theoretically be spared any initial flood damage, leaving the house at least partially inhabitable.

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