Those who like to bring their gaming experience with them without having to lug along a bulky console -- complete with tangled wires and connector cords -- should be heartened by a recent Twitter announcement from Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios.

The executive sent the following message: "Some people asked if we plan to provide Remote Play function to PC, and yes, we are indeed working on an official application for PC/Mac. :D"

The app would permit users of computers on either Mac or PC platforms to stream PS4 games to their devices by tapping into a local connection. As of now, reports VR Zone, users of Sony's Remote Play feature can access their games only via PlayStation TV, PlayStation Vita and certain Xperia smartphones and tablets.

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The Apple iWatch "watch" continues, with rumors about the product continuing to circulate. The latest rumor is that the iWatch will feature fitness tracking, similar to the tracking currently offered by the Nike+ FuelBand.

Perhaps at the root of the rumor is Tim Cook's public admiration of the FuelBand, which tracks a person's physical activity, providing information on number of steps, calories burned, and much more. The band interacts with the iPhone and other smartphones, as well as linking up with apps like Lose It! to allow owners to keep up with the number of calories consumed each day.

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Apparently banking on the idea that two eyes will be better than one, Sony continues to develop a product, in the works in some form since 2008, that's designed to compete with the much-hyped Google Glass.

Google's product, which looks like a pair of lens-less glasses with a translucent display cube mounted on one side of the frame, functions as a head-mounted computing device. Wearers can observe information on the micro-display and also give voice commands to the computer -- such as telling it when to snap a photo, or when to display driving directions. Published reports, and Google's own site dedicated to the project, indicate that Google might fit the frames with sun-resistant lenses, an idea that conjures up images of an ultra-modern Internet surfer dude. With or without the board.

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