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Using Soap to Control Your Devices

With so many electronic and computing devices being used in private homes these days, it was inevitable that yet another device would come along to control them all. And the clever name given to the gadget -- Soap -- has already attracted some attention.

In fact, interest in Soap's Indiegogo campaign had exceeded the fundraising goal of $42,500 by over 550%, with one week left.

Billed as an all-in-one router with an HD touch screen display, 802.11AC and Android OS, Soap is said to provide everything a user needs for home automation.

The self-contained wireless home management system gives users top-level control over everything on their networks. Secure and intelligent, Soap can control all of the wirelessly connected devices in your home via a smartphone, Soap device or tablet -- from computers to lights to garage doors to game consoles to motorized window blinds.

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You read that correctly. Engineers are busy at Apple headquarters gearing up for the next iPhone's iOS7 operating system, which is said to respond to your head movements. Simply moving your head from left to right will launch different commands on your iPhone just as your fingers do now.

According to the tipster that informed 9to5Mac, left to right head movements, "(act as) a home button, start Siri, open Notification Center, open the App Switcher, decrease volume, or simply tap." Yahoo! News explains that the phone will also carry 'blink' and 'smile' capabilities in the camera that only take photos when the recipient is looking directly and smiling "happily." What this means for candid photos, serious photos and photos of children and pets – who knows – a considerable deterrent form using this new camera technology.

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The next big thing from Apple was recently unveiled at the company's World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC).

CEO Tim Cook gave everyone the lowdown on Apple's newest version of its operating system, iOS7, what Cook calls "the biggest change to iOS since the introduction of the iPhone."

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