Each day, a UK resident named Matt Rogers posts a video on his YouTube channel, where he offers his thoughts about Planet X. Under the name Sky Watcher, Rogers makes predictions about the alleged mini solar system, also known as NIBIRU. Rogers and other conspiracy theorists believe that the mystery system will soon pass by our own planet, causing serious disruptions in our weather patterns.

But our government is denying that all of this is about to happen, Rogers claims, saying that officials are afraid of inciting panic with an official announcement. If Rogers’ predictions are correct, those very officials will instead retreat to underground bunkers for safety while NIBIRU passes by, leaving those aboveground to fend for ourselves.

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Predictions about the end of the world date back as far as humankind, with someone announcing a new date every couple of years. The latest date is just around the corner, as predicted by a Christian numerologist who is known for his repeated warnings about a collision with a planet called Nibiru.

David Meade is an author and student of astronomy whose book Planet X: The 2017 Arrival sets doomsday as sometime between September 20th and 23rd, saying everyone on the planet will be dead on that date. The cause will be Nibiru’s impact with our planet, an event Meade claims is predicted in the Bible. He also said that markings on the Pyramids point to this date range.

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Since Pluto was downgraded to a dwarf planet, the world of space has been constantly abuzz over the possibility of a ninth planet in our Solar System. While trying to disprove the existence of a ninth planet in 2016, scientists actually realized they might have discovered one quite a distance from Pluto. There have been other instances of possible ninth-planet sightings, although none have been confirmed to date.

The most recent possibility exists in the Kuiper belt, a ring-shaped accumulation of matter within our Solar System. Researchers at the University of Arizona have spotted mysterious movement within the belt that they believe could point to a previously-undiscovered planet.

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