Scientists have been experimenting with ways to feed humans in space. But that same technology could be put to use on Earth, where food shortages are already a real problem across the globe. NASA has taken up the challenge, using technology to speed breed six generations of crops each year.

The work is being done at the John Innes Centre, where scientists are going well beyond the annual production rate of two generations of crops. By being able to triple crop production, scientists believe they’ll able to fast-track developments like greater resistance to disease and global warming. They’ll also be able to produce a higher volume of crops to help reduce the food insecurities in various areas.

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NASA and Elon Musk seem to have very different visions for how life on Mars will work. NASA has discovered, through a recent research study, that Mars simply may not be habitable, even if Earthlings adjust the environment to try to make it that way.

Perhaps the biggest problem is that Mars’ atmosphere isn’t conducive to human life. If the lack of atmospheric pressure doesn’t rupture your organs, you would either suffocate or freeze to death. Musk and NASA have both considered various ways to increase Mars’ atmospheric pressure to allow humans to walk around without wearing a pressurized suit. One idea is to gradually release the carbon dioxide that is trapped on the surface of the planet. Musk’s idea for doing this involves dropping nuclear weapons on its poles.

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Each day, a UK resident named Matt Rogers posts a video on his YouTube channel, where he offers his thoughts about Planet X. Under the name Sky Watcher, Rogers makes predictions about the alleged mini solar system, also known as NIBIRU. Rogers and other conspiracy theorists believe that the mystery system will soon pass by our own planet, causing serious disruptions in our weather patterns.

But our government is denying that all of this is about to happen, Rogers claims, saying that officials are afraid of inciting panic with an official announcement. If Rogers’ predictions are correct, those very officials will instead retreat to underground bunkers for safety while NIBIRU passes by, leaving those aboveground to fend for ourselves.

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