The countdown has begun for the first Mars mission and scientists continue to come up with various ways to give explorers what they’ll need. One of those items is a Mars rover that is getting plenty of attention from sci-fi film fans.

NASA recently released its concept for the rover, which is being compared to the Batmobile. The rover was developed by Parker Brothers Concepts, a custom motorcycle and car builder based in Florida. The design is no surprise, considering Parker Brothers Concepts also designed a Batmobile replica for Saudi Arabia’s Team Galag.

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Saturday, 17 June 2017 00:00

Teleretail's On-Demand Delivery Robot

Teleretail AG,a Swiss-based startup, has entered the growing field of drone delivery by infusing its device with a unique capability -- to deliver to suburban and rural areas while also reaching customers in cities.

Teleretail's robot incorporates several features of self-driving cars, including GPS navigation systems, sensors, and computer vision systems. Far as financing is concerned, though, the company hasn't raised any seed or venture capital cash, opting instead to pursue grants, like one for $2 million from the European Space Agency.

Company CEO Thorsten Scholl tells TechCrunch that the space agency took a special interest in the ways in which Teleretail was using information from satellites to assist ground-based systems in giving directions to drones while making deliveries or pickups.

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Scientists have long searched for evidence that there might have once been life on Mars. The recent discovery of mud cracks on the planet has led to interest from the scientific community, as well as speculation that it could be a sign that life once existed on the Red Planet.

NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover recently captured a closer look at a series of slabs of rock that has unexplained markings. Experts believe the markings are likely mud cracks, indicating that bodies of water may once have existed on the planet. The markings could be a sign that the water covering the rocks eventually dried up, leading to cracks in the dirt on their surface.

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