Wednesday, 06 December 2017 00:00

Care for a Little Pampering with Your Activism?

Hotels continue to evolve into more than places to rest a weary body. Some offer themes that cater to specific interests or activities, from family vacations to gambling to...activism?

Yes, the daughter of a billionaire hotel magnate recently announced that she's beginning a new co-working and hotel space where activists can engage in wellness classes as well as more highbrow activities, like lectures.

The 209-room Eaton hotel, planned for Downtown Washington, DC, is meant to be a destination for social good. A trio of other Eaton hotels are in the planning stages -- locations in Hong Kong, Seattle, and San Francisco are slated to open within the next two years.

A couple of years back, Katherine Lo, 36, who previously held the position of executive director of Langham Hospitality Group, wanted to create her own hotel brand after taking in what she refers to as a cultural momentum. (Lo's billionaire dad is Langham chairman Ka Shui Lo.).

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