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Tracking the Number of Words Infants Hear Daily

A compact wearable device can now keep track of the number of words your small child takes in every day. This is said to be an accurate predictor of how well you child might do with succeeding at life's challenges. And, presumably, a dearth of words over a period of time might prompt Mom and Dad to whip out the Thesaurus and start speaking in multi-syllabic terms.

Starling is the brain child of VersaMe, a company that specializes in child development. Words are an important part of that development, as illustrated by a few facts listed on VersaMe's web site:

  • 82% of a child's brain development occurs within the first three years of life.
  • By the age of four, a child will have heard an average of 40,000,000 words.
  • The average number of words children will hear every day tops 27,000.

By pairing Starling with a smartphone app, parents can set word goals, keep track of verbal interactions and plot a stronger course for their child's development.

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Following a natural disaster, people displaced from their homes can be forced to live in makeshift camps that, while offering at least some protection from the elements, also present their own problems.

Sleeping on the bare earth, for instance, can lead to a host of maladies, from hypothermia to communicable diseases to flash flooding to infestations of rodents. People who are fortunate enough to be able to sleep some distance off the ground can reduce their exposure to all of these problems.

One solution? Emergency Floor, a low-cost way to provide a sturdy base surface for refugee families. As the creators of the project say on their Indiegogo fundraising site, "Our design makes raised flooring accessible for conflict and disaster stricken regions around the world, yet minimizes waste by using materials available on site."

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Using Soap to Control Your Devices

With so many electronic and computing devices being used in private homes these days, it was inevitable that yet another device would come along to control them all. And the clever name given to the gadget -- Soap -- has already attracted some attention.

In fact, interest in Soap's Indiegogo campaign had exceeded the fundraising goal of $42,500 by over 550%, with one week left.

Billed as an all-in-one router with an HD touch screen display, 802.11AC and Android OS, Soap is said to provide everything a user needs for home automation.

The self-contained wireless home management system gives users top-level control over everything on their networks. Secure and intelligent, Soap can control all of the wirelessly connected devices in your home via a smartphone, Soap device or tablet -- from computers to lights to garage doors to game consoles to motorized window blinds.

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