Drones have become popular with hobbyists interested in capturing flyover video of local attractions. But the advanced tech gadgets have proven useful in a variety of industries, especially agriculture.

Also known as unmanned aerial vehicles, drones can cover a large distance quickly while also taking up very little airspace. At the same time, demands on the agricultural field will only continue to grow as the world’s population increases. Experts anticipate that by the year 2050, consumption of agricultural products will grow by as much as 70 percent, challenging farmers and manufacturers to keep up.

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During one episode on TV's "Parks and Recreation," Ron Swanson, the famous Luddite character, used a hunting rifle to shoot down a drone. While obviously mining the potential for humor of drones encroaching too uncomfortably on our personal spaces, Swanson's act was more than mere dramatic license: In 2015, a man in Kentucky escaped criminal punishment for shooting down a drone because, he told NBC News"I was being watched. It was an invasion of privacy and I just, I wouldn't have put up with it no more." 

A year earlier, over 25% of the residents of one Colorado town voted to issue drone hunting licenses.

So it comes as no surprise that Amazon, which has long promoted the idea of using drones to deliver some of its many packages, might think about taking precautions concerning its airborne fleet.

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Sunday, 27 November 2016 00:00

Drone Can Help Ships Navigate Icy Areas

Ice is an ongoing problem for ships navigating through the Arctic Circle, where crews are forced to navigate without being able to see what’s ahead. New technology could make such navigation easier and safer, though, thanks to the use of drones that can fly overhead.

Recently a ship tried the technology on a journey through the Arctic Circle. Using live footage from the drone, the crew was able to save more than two weeks, since carefully navigating through treacherous passageways takes much longer without knowing what lies ahead.

One scientist compared it to navigating through a corn maze. Having the benefit of seeing the view from above makes it much easier to know where to go next.

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