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A Home Fit for a Hobbit

Dubbed Hobbit Hollow, the energy-efficient dwelling in New York State was designed by Jim Costigan, who has for many years fashioned quite the opposite in his career as an architect of Manhattan skyscrapers.

The structure is located on a little under 2 acres of land in Pawling, New York. A stream and waterfall are nearby.

Costigan recently told New Atlas that after seeing the Fellowship of the Ring, he believed that Bilbo Baggin's house, known as Bag End, stood out as truly one-of-a-kind.  Feeling as though the cinematic depiction was a dwelling he'd like to inhabit, Costigan researched whether a similar model had already been built, but came up empty. As a result, he built what he calls the Hobbit Shed in his backyard to house his lawn tractor.

He put an image of the shed on the Web and says that he received a "tremendous response" to the posting. At that point, Costigan started to come up with ideas for a version of the shed that could serve as an actual house.

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