Thursday, 05 October 2017 00:00

Connected Soccer Ball Offers AR Coaching

The DribbleUp soccer ball comes from the same creator of a smart basketball. Erik Forkosh, a 24-year-old from Brooklyn, believes that Americans could compete more successfully on a global level if they had access to regular drills and quality training.

So, he invented the Dribble Up, which pairs with a smartphone app once the phone's camera zeroes in on one of the ball's three logos. Then, the user can start a series of drills that are arranged like a playlist.

"Instead of songs, you have drills," he explained to SportTechie.

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Friday, 28 November 2014 00:00

Google Invests in Augmented Reality Start-Up

The company has no revenue and no products on the market. But it just landed $542 million from a group of investors that includes Google. Magic Leap, a Miami-based start-up, was valued at $2 billion despite the fact that it currently has no product to show. Little is known about the company's technology, which remained quiet throughout the process of raising funding.

To answer what its technology does, Magic Leap's founder mentioned the experience a person has when looking at nature. The lightweight wearable piece of hardware Magic Leap manufacturers will provide a way to enjoy nature the way we enjoy it when we're experiencing a beautiful piece of scenery. Terms being used to describe Magic Leap include "the world is your new desktop" and the world is your new silver screen," but details won't be unveiled until Magic Leap is willing to divulge more.

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Google Glasses are getting plenty of attention these days, especially after Sony filed a patent for a two-lens version of the high-tech headsets. With Google's invention reportedly to be priced at $1,500, though, it's no surprise that people are literally turning their attention elsewhere. Even toward alternatives from relatively ancient history.

Discovery blog writer Rob Pegoraro recently described various augmented reality (AR) interfaces that drew the world's attention a few years back, but then "sank under the weight of hype they couldn’t sustain...and are now back in the news for the wrong reasons."

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