Sunday, 04 February 2018 00:00

More In-Home Deliveries on the Way?

Soon, more delivery companies will try to open customers' doors in order to leave packages behind them, safe and secure, instead of abandoning parcels on outdoor stoops, where they're likelier to be pilfered.

One central figure driving this trend is Jason Johnson, CEO of August Home, a company that was recently acquired by Assa Abloy, a Swedish firm billed as the world's largest lock maker and also the owner of Yale Locks.

See a pattern...unlocking? Wait, there's more.

August's signature home-delivery, known as August Access, was formerly Amazon Key before Amazon Key came into being. That service, which started up in October 2017, permitted delivery personnel to enter customers' homes by using a temporary digital key. The key was compatible with Amazon's own smart lock.

But for a couple of years prior, Johnson had been fiddling around with the concept not just for package delivery, but for dry-cleaning delivery companies and pet walkers.

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