It takes a doctor more than a decade of schooling and training before they can finally achieve a medical license. But now computers are participating in similar training, using artificial intelligence to help medical professionals while they work.

Before humans start worrying that robots will replace actual doctors, though, the plan is to use A.I. as a supplement to the work medical professionals do, not a substitute. Machines have the ability to gradually learn the decision-making functions that are an important part of diagnosing and treating disease.

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Wednesday, 14 November 2018 00:00

Art Vs. Artifice

If people could accurately predict the value of a work of art before the creator becomes noticed and famous, Vincent Van Gogh would have succeeded in dying a rich man -- instead of leaving this world having never sold a single painting.

Is the next big thing in the world of art a creator known as...Artificial Intelligence (AI)? Or, possibly, Alle Geax-Rhythm?

If a recent sale of a machine-generated portrait is indication, the possibilities in that general direction look encouraging. The seemingly unfinished work (so much the better to leave something to the imagination) recently sold at auction for $432,500 -- almost 45 times higher than its estimate, says Christie's, the auction house that facilitated the sale.

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How is it possible to tell whether than shiny object you're being shown by that extra-nice salesman is as precious a diamond as you're being sold?

One way might be to apply some new-fangled technology to what has hitherto been a studied, somewhat subjective art.

IBM recently introduced IBM Crypto Anchor Verifier, a technology that combines artificial intelligence (AI) with optical imaging to ascertain the authenticity and identity of objects. The company also announced that it would start implementing the new tech in conjunction with the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) to help the organization grade and evaluate diamonds.

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