3D printing has become an important part of medical services, with 24 percent of medical companies surveyed using the technology. Another 12 percent plan to use it in the future, noting the technology’s promise for saving and improving lives.

According to Ernst & Young, almost all hearing aids on the market today are produced through 3D printing, and dental crowns, prosthetic limbs, and disposable surgical instruments are also being regularly printed. But the future of 3D printing in the medical industry is even more promising, starting with pills that epileptics could more easily swallow and someday soon, the technology could be used to produce artificial organs.

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Finding the right tennis shoe can be a process. It’s especially important to find the right fit, especially for athletes. Yet for most people, they have only the choice of a size range for the tennis shoes they buy.

Thanks to 3-D printing, that could soon change. Several companies are now working on using 3-D printers to create athletic footwear, including Nike. Brands hope to revitalize sagging sales in the industry, which has long relied on celebrity endorsements to win over customers.

Under Armour recently announced the creation of a manufacturing and design facility located in Baltimore. The facility will use 3-D printers to create customized tennis shoes for customers called U-A Architect. The shoe will have a custom-designed insole and upper that gives each customer the best fit for his or her foot.

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Thursday, 05 May 2016 00:00

Startup Wants to Print Your Home on Mars

The buzz about travel to Mars continues to build, with consumers imagining a future where people make their homes on the red planet. A new company called RedWorks has created a 3-D printing system that could help travelers craft the soil, roads, and buildings necessary to make a life on Mars.

The company points out that so far, most of the attention has been focused on getting people to the planet. Once they arrive, though, they’ll need an infrastructure in place to be able to live. With the use of RedWorks’ 3-D printer, travelers will be able to build what they need once they arrive. Mars’ new residents will need to be able to connect to a power source to be able to print. Once powered up, the printer can use the dust on the planet to create a type of concrete. That concrete can be used to create anything the new residents want to make.

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