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Pay Day Loans

Where is proof of a fourth physical dimension. In what directions is it. I did like your description of looking back into the past along lines of radius converging down into center of our universe. Please give me your reason cash loans advocating such. Matter and anti-matter are mutually destructive. Put a proton with an anti proton and BANG.

How could one form change to another. It would have to somehow happen literally instantly, without any time involved, because if there were, the lot would just annihilate each other. The big bang idea has it that there was a little more matter than anti matter originally (a billion and one universes worth compared to a billion) so that survived while the rest annihilated each other. Was this conversion a Singularity from outside our realm, or was it a Recycled event from within our continuum.

Outside our realm as in part of a multiverse. There are other ideas on how the Universe began and I think we should move away from payday loans the singularity which has no credible origin, which cannot inflate or expand, and then material way, way beyond black hole density expanding.

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